Wednesday May 31, 2023

Australian bath bomb brand sparks backlash after mocking Amber Heard

The company has issued a statement to apologise for using Amber Heard's audio in since-deleted video

By Web Desk
May 22, 2022


Australian bath bomb brand Bath Box sparked massive backlash after it allegedly mocked Amber Heard’s abuse claims.

According to the company has issued a statement to apologise and ensure similar incidents won't happen again.

“At Bath Box, we DO NOT condone domestic violence and DO NOT think that domestic violence is a laughing matter,” the brand said.

“Our deepest and sincerest apologies go out to anyone who has been or will be offended by the social media post,” it added after the brand used Heard’s audio in the since-deleted video.

“Have you ever been slapped in the face with a bath bomb?” the post was captioned.

“I'm walking out of the bedroom, he slapped me across the face. I turned to look at him and I said 'Johnny you hit me, you just hit me,” Heard’s audio, paired with upbeat music, played in the background of the video.