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Pete Davidson won't appear on season one of Kim Kardashian's new family show

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's affair to take center stage in season two of her family's new reality series

By Web Desk
April 10, 2022
Pete Davidson wont appear on season one of Kim Kardashians new family show

Kim Kardashian's beau Pete Davidson will not appear on The Kardashians until season two after trailer shows Kim Kardashian giggling about him on first season.

It has been claimed that he will not be appearing on season one of her family's new reality series, according to TMZ.

Fans of The Kardashians on Hulu will reportedly have to wait until season two to see Kim Kardashian's beau Pete Davidson.

Kim and Pete were together Thursday night for The Kardashians premiere in Los Angeles, as well as for dinner at Jon And Vinny's afterwards.

They were reportedly filmed for the reality series at both locations - but as season one has concluded shooting, the footage will have to wait until season two to air.

Although Pete will not himself feature on season one of the famous family's new series, his relationship with Kim will be a topic of conversation. In a trailer for the show, Kim can be seen texting someone while sitting against a backdrop to film a reality TV confessional.

When a voice off-camera asks if the name of the person she is texting rhymes with 'feet,' Kim giggles without looking up or revealing the answer.

Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner also discusses the romance in the trailer, divulging: 'This is a relationship that I don't think anybody saw coming.'

Since Kim began publicly running around with Pete, the pair have drawn a barrage of public tirades from her ex-husband Kanye West.