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Prince Harry gives 'middle finger' to critics with Super Bowl appearance

Prince Harry was assumed to have not been able to gel into his new American life

By Web Desk
February 17, 2022

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Prince Harry's presence at the NFL Super Bowl is thought to be a "middle finger" to his critics who believed that he would never be able gel into his new life in America.

According to American PR Expert and commentator Eric Schiffer, the Duke of Sussex’s attendance with his cousin Princess Eugenie, which was subsequently spotted on camera as they watched the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals, was a "wise move".

Speaking to Daily Star, he said that Prince Harry’s attendance was a political move to align himself with American culture and in some ways show his critics that he can adjust to his new life.

"Harry’s choice to be at the Super Bowl was a cold, calculated political move to align with the most nostalgic of American sports and the people who follow it," he said.

"It was wise. He looked somewhat miserable at times but that is perhaps not going to be his favourite sport.

"But I think it was a respectful nod to Americans and I think it was also, in some ways, a middle finger to those who don't see him as a true American.

"And showing that he is bonding with his fellow neighbours across the pond."