Monday December 05, 2022

Ex palace security recalls incident where Prince Andrew treated him 'terribly'

Several staff members have come out to speak on Prince Andrew's 'terrible' character

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January 28, 2022

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Another former royal staff member has revealed an incident where Prince Andrew mistreated his staff.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Paul Page, who served at the Queen’s London residence for six years, said that one evening he spotted a man who was walking outside the Queen’s bedroom.

Fearing a potential intruder, Paul and his colleagues went to investigate and noted that it was the Duke of York.

"It was at night, and we were checking CCTV in the control room when we saw a man walking along the corridor in the Queen's private quarters.

"Her Majesty was not at Buckingham Palace at the time, so this was a major potential security scare. A sergeant, myself, and two other police officers went to her apartments to investigate.

"We approached from either end of the corridor so we could surround the potential intruder. But when we got there, we realised it was Prince Andrew."

However, Andrew was far from happy and in turn used a foul word.

"I apologised and said, 'I'm sorry, your Highness, we went to investigate a possible intruder in Her Majesty's apartments'. Andrew replies, 'This is my house, I go where I want, now [expletive] off'."

"I never had any problems with any other members of the Royal Family in my time at Buckingham Palace. The Queen is a lovely lady. But Prince Andrew had this nasty side to him, he treated staff terribly.

"He got away with it for so long."