Friday May 20, 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger reps give health update after multi-car accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger accident injured a woman

By Web Desk
January 22, 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger health has not been compromised after his multi-car accident in Los Angeles.

"He is fine, his only concern right now is for the woman who was injured," reports PEOPLE.

The former governor of California was involved in a devastating crash on Sunset Blvd. and Allenford Ave. The 74-year-old, who drove a Yukon collided with a red Toyota Prius before injuring a woman on the other side.

As per reports by TMZ, the hit made the SUV's airbags deploy. Arnold's car then rolled onto a Porsche Cayenne.

The woman, who had suffered injuries during the accident, was instantly rushed to the hospital.

No alcohol or criminal motive is said to be behind the incident, reports ABC7 news.