Sunday August 14, 2022

Prince Andrew’s life ‘hangs in the balance’ amid looming Giuffre verdict

Prince Andrew’s life is ‘currently hanging in the balance’ as the verdict from the Giuffre case looms

By Web Desk
January 05, 2022

Experts’ fear Prince Andrew’s future is “hanging in the balance” while he awaits a decision from the upcoming lawsuit with his accuser Virginia Giuffre.

This report has been brought to light by US Correspondent Michael Genovese during an interview with Nine News Australia.

He also added, "Sweating on a judge's decision, Prince Andrew and his legal team again tried to kill the lawsuit that ruined his reputation.”

"Australian Virginia Giuffre says the prince sexually abused her while she was underage at the homes of his friends, disgraced duo Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell."

"In a virtual hearing in New York royal lawyer Andrew Brettler demanded the case absolutely be dismissed, arguing Prince Andrew is protected by a settlement deal orchestrated by Jeffrey Epstein 12 years ago.”

"Virginia Giuffre accepted $700,000 and agreed not to sue Epstein or any other potential defendants. Brettler is saying, clearly Ms Giuffre intended to release a broad category of individuals, including royalty and businessmen.”

"Judge Lewis Kaplan disagreed, pointing out the clause doesn't mention the Prince by name saying that in any case, the only people who could enforce it were Epstein and Giuffre. Epstein is dead, and Giuffre is on the attack."