Thursday January 20, 2022

How Kate Middleton follows Princess Diana in journey to become queen

Kate Middleton is reportedly challenging royal wardrobe standards

By Web Desk
November 29, 2021

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Kate Middleton is gearing up to take charge as queen one day.

In her latest move the Duchess of Cambridge seemingly followed the footsteps of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, who was known for bending the rules of royal tradition.

Just like Diana, Kate has been donning jeans and casualwear to some of her royal engagements which was not previously done a decade ago.

Furthermore, the Duchess of Cambridge now takes off her coat when indoors during her royal engagements.

As per multiple fashion and royal experts this is not something royal family members are expected to do during their public engagements and appearances.

fashion commentator Elizabeth Holmes.

The writer of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style said on Instagram: “Once inside [the Imperial War Museum], Kate took off her coat.

“Which should not be a big deal, it’s a very common thing for everyone everywhere to do.

“But this is the Royal Family we are talking about, and they don’t typically ‘disrobe’ (aka take off their coats) in public.”