Wednesday January 26, 2022

BBC accused of planning ‘anti-William and pro-Meghan and Harry’ documentary bias

BBC is under fire for creating an ‘anti-William and pro-Meghan and Harry’ documentary

By Web Desk
November 28, 2021

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BBC recently got accused of creating a totally biased account of the Royal Family that was created with “anti-William and pro-Meghan and Harry” sentiments.

According to the Daily Mail this biased call-out has been made by royal biographer and author Angela Levin.

There she claimed, “The ending of the documentary is always what stays with you and they chose to use Meghan's lawyer to say that she wasn't a bully, and she was wonderful to work with. It's there you get the gist of what it was all about in my view. It's very biased. Anti-William, anti-Charles and pro Meghan and Harry'.”

“If you allow a lawyer from one side to have their say then they must let the other side have their say. They haven't done that and that's in the BBC guidelines.”