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Mindy Kaling details personal Thanksgiving traditions: ‘We’d dropped everything’

Mindy Kaling spills the beans on family Thanksgiving traditions

By Web Desk
November 27, 2021

Mindy Kaling recently sat down for a chat and weighed in on some of the Thanksgiving traditions she’s picked up from her mom over the years.

The star started off by dishing over some of her family traditions for Thanksgiving while filming the Mindy Project.

There she started off by saying, “The biggest tradition I had in my house [growing up] was that for a holiday like Thanksgiving, we dropped everything and just helped my mom as sous chefs."

"We would come home, I would sit there with her and I would just be endlessly chopping vegetables and peeling vegetables and baking pies."

"And I think my mom, who was a really busy doctor, someone who didn't have a lot of hobbies, she immigrated here and just fell in love with basically all of Americana ... She loved throwing a huge Thanksgiving and preparing for three or four days beforehand."