Tuesday December 07, 2021

Dwayne Johnson reveals how Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds helped handle dad’s death

Dwayne Johnson reveals how ‘Red Notice’ pals Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot helped him deal with dad’s death

By Web Desk
November 22, 2021

American actor and rapper Dwayne Johnson recently sat down for a chat and revealed how his costars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot helped him process his father’s death during the shoot.

The actor shed light on it all during his interview with People magazine.

There he took a walk down memory lane and spoke at length about his father, professional wrestler Rocky Johnson.

The Rock started by explaining, “On the first day of filming, my dad died.”

While the star immediately rushed home for the funeral to pay his respects, it was what happened after he started working again that truly warmed his heart.

The Rock explained that on the first day of his return, he became ‘overwhelmed’ by the support he received from his co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

“The moment I walked in the door, Ryan gave me a big hug and said, ‘I got you, man’,” he recalled.

For those unversed, the stars have been close for over 20 years now and first met back in 2002, at MTV’s Spring Break in Cancun during the promotional events for their first feature film Van Wilder and Scorpion King.

"The love, bond and brotherhood is there," The Rock also added during his interview with the outlet.

Even Gal Gadot played a large role in helping keep his spirits up, as The Rock explained, "Gal is always taking care of the people around her and has the most positive presence."

"Gal would get the giggles, then I would get the giggles, and then we would all go," he explained. "I've never laughed as hard as I did on this film."