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Here's what senior royal expert thinks of Meghan Markle's apology

Meghan Markle apologised to a UK court recently

By Web Desk
November 13, 2021
Heres what senior royal expert thinks of Meghan Markles apology

Meghan Markle has apologised to a UK court after admitting being involved in a favourable biography of her short tenure as a frontline royal in Britain, despite having previously denied it.

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who is known as a staunch supporter of the British monarchy, commented on Meghan's latest move on British media.

While discussing the latest development on media, Angela said "This is not about respecting privacy, this is about shutting up anyone who dares do or say anything she does not agree with."

 The author has criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since stepped down from their royal duties.

Meghan's  apology came as part of a British newspaper group´s appeal against a High Court ruling that it breached the Duchess of Sussex´s privacy, by publishing parts of a letter she wrote to her father.

Associated Newspapers, which publishes the Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail and MailOnline, has submitted that she wrote the letter, knowing it was likely to be leaked, despite claiming the opposite.

It is relying on testimony from her former communications adviser, Jason Knauf, to overturn the lower court´s ruling that publication was "manifestly excessive and... unlawful".

As part of their case at the Court of Appeal in London, the publishers said Knauf provided information to the authors of a biography, "Finding Freedom".

Both Meghan and Harry, who quit royal life last year citing media intrusion and moved to the United States, have previously said they had no direct involvement in the book.

But Knauf said in a witness statement that the best-selling book was "discussed on a routine basis" and "directly with the duchess multiple times in person and over email".

She also gave him briefing points about her life to share with the authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. Meghan´s husband, Prince Harry, was also emailed.

Knauf told the court in his statement that Harry had told him there should be plausible deniability and Knauf should provide "the right context and background".

That would "help get some truths out there", he is said to have told the aide.