Thursday October 28, 2021

Kate Middleton’s family line of ‘real poverty’ brought to light: report

Experts note Kate Middleton’s family line suffered strife from ‘real poverty’

By Web Desk
October 10, 2021

Kate Middleton has dived into her own family tree in an attempt to understand the connection between ancestry line, socio-economic circumstances and early childhood education.

This study is part of a collaboration in association with renowned academics across the UK who aim to study these same effects in children from the ages of nine months up to five years of age.

This project has been highlighted by royal editor Russell Myers who presented the findings from Kate’s family line and admitted they come from two major sectors of society.

During his interview on the Pod Save the Queen podcast Mr Myers admitted the Duchess’ family line includes labourers and coal miners.

He was also quoted saying, “What is interesting about it, of course, is she has come from a very working-class background in generations before.”

“Her mothers family, Carole’s family ‒ the Goldsmiths ‒ came from real poverty, and on that lineage, they had coal miners, carpenters, labourers, shop workers among her ancestors.”

“So obviously very very different to her life now. And even her dad, his relatives had a far more comfortable upbringing. He [comes] from quite a wealthy family of wool merchants and I think there were solicitors and pilots within his lineage.”

However, the Duchess’ family line also includes countesses, earls and even a one-term prime minister for 1782 named William Petty FitzMaurice who was also the 1st Marquess of Lansdowne.