Sunday October 24, 2021

Prince Charles ‘smashed window’ to Princess Diana’s childhood home

Prince Charles reportedly ended up smashing an entire window at Princess Diana’s childhood home

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October 09, 2021

Prince Charles reportedly ended up ‘smashing a window’ with his bare hands while visiting his childhood home.

According to reports, the prince was “in such a mood” during his trip to the Princess’s childhood abode that he took his frustrations out on the window in his attempts to ‘finally get some fresh air’.

Royal expert and commentator Robert Jobson reportedly ended up losing his temper completely after the course of the day’s events and ended up with broken glass all around.

Mr Jobson explained it all while speaking to Royal Beat and was quoted saying, “Charles only really went there once and stayed there, I remember this little story that happened when he was there.”

“He got into such a mood that he was trying to open the window, and he couldn't open the window and he smashed the window when he was there.”

“He never went back. He couldn't get it to open because he wanted the air to come in and he couldn't open the window.”