Tuesday September 21, 2021

Jennifer Aniston in awe of Jennifer Lopez's red carpet presence

Jennifer Aniston gushes over Jennifer Lopez when she graces red carpet events
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August 05, 2021
Jennifer Aniston in awe of Jennifer Lopezs red carpet presence

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez dominates every red carpet event and even Jennifer Aniston can't help but think the same.

In an interview with InStyle, the Friends alum couldn't help but wonder how J-Lo would get her signature fierceness when gracing big events.

"You know who I think masters the red carpet? J. Lo," she said. 

"I want to know what gives her the look like she’s about to be seething. It's amazing. She's almost stuck getting mad at somebody, but she's just so gorgeous. She's like, 'I can't believe I'm standing here.'"

While mirroring the Hustler's actress look would take a long time to master, Aniston does not even "think she's trying" to look so good.

"She fell out of bed that way," she told the outlet. 

"She’s a performer."