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James Corden’s show sparks protest in Los Angeles over ‘racist’ segment

The petitioner also demands James Corden apologize for hurting sentiments of his Asian viewers

By Web Desk
June 23, 2021

British media personality James Corden has been under fire of late owing to late night show’s anti-Asian segment.

Following the backlash that was unlesahed for his culturally insensitive Spill Your Guts bit on the show, critics have now started protesting for an end to the racist, anti-Asian segment once and for all.

Corden's infamous segment features him and his celebrity guests depicting cuisines from different Asian cultures as “gross” and “disgusting”.

In the midst of rising anti-Asian crimes in America, Kim Saira set up the petition asking producers to re-think the game.

“In the wake of the constant Asian hate crimes that have continuously been occurring, not only is this segment incredibly culturally offensive and insensitive, but it also encourages anti-Asian racism," reads the petition.

“So many Asian Americans are consistently bullied and mocked for their native foods, and this segment amplifies and encourages it. We are holding James Corden and The Late Late Show accountable for their actions, and perpetual harm this segment causes to Asian American communities,” continued the petition.

“At the very least, Asian American communities deserve an apology and this segment to be taken off the air,” it added.

The petitioner also demands Corden apologize for hurting sentiments of his Asian viewers and drop the segment entirely.

Thus far, 39,000 people have signed the petition with an event also scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on June 24.