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Man in Love tops box office in China

Man in Love tops box office in China

June 23, 2021
Man in Love tops box office in China

BEIJING: Romantic comedy "Man in Love" led the Chinese box office chart on Monday, data from the China Movie Data Information Network showed on Tuesday.

It pocketed approximately 10.12 million yuan (around 1.57 million U.S. dollars) on its 11th day of screening, accounting for 24 per cent of the day's total.

Starring Roy Chiu and Wei-Ning Hsu, the movie tells the romance between a debt collector and the daughter of his creditor.

"On Your Mark," a domestic comedy dedicated to fatherhood, garnered around 7.67 million yuan on Monday, ranking second on the daily chart.

Coming in third was "Island Keeper," a tear-jerking movie based on true events, which earned 3.79 million yuan on Monday.

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