Tuesday November 30, 2021

Experts touch on Prince Harry’s boiling anger after ‘giving up everything’ for Meghan Markle

An expert reveals the state of Prince Harry’s emotions after ‘giving up everything’ for Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
May 22, 2021

An expert recently got candid about Prince Harry’s rage over “giving up everything” for Meghan Markle.

The claim was brought forward by The Sun’s former royal editor Duncan Larcombe, all during his appearance on talkRADIO.

There he was quoted saying, “Look at the evidence, Meghan has got everything and way more than she could have ever dreamed of. Prince Harry has given up everything, he is angry and he is letting his emotions flow out every single day.”

“I think there has to be a point where someone says 'Harry sort your stuff out with Meghan and enjoy this life you have chosen but stop having these open heart surgery sessions on the internet'. It is not the right place for it.”