Friday June 24, 2022

Emma Corrin 'pleased' to let go of Princess Diana's character in 'The Crown'

Emma Corrin said she is now ready to move on from her role as Princess Diana

By Web Desk
January 26, 2021

British actor Emma Corrin who shot to fame through her performance as Princess Diana in The Crown, has opened up about the role.

During an interview with The Guardian, the actor said she is now ready to move on from her role as the late Princess of Wales and is looking for more opportunities.

"Though I'm sad I only did one series, I always knew that was all I was signing on for, and I played her from 16 to 28. I took her from girl to woman, and I loved that arc,” she said.

"But I'm also quite pleased to move on. The industry loves to pigeonhole. The sooner I can move away from doing posh English, the better, even though that's what I am,” she went on to say.

Regarding the kind of characters she would like to play after essaying the royal, Corrin said: "I want to do a gritty, independent film, maybe in Scotland or something. I'll have an outrageous accent, and flowing red hair."