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Meghan Markle’s deleted tips on mindfulness guiding Brits through lockdown

Meghan Markle’s resurfaced blog post on Tig has been helping millions of Brits in tier 4 lockdown thrive

By Web Desk
December 23, 2020
Meghan Markle’s deleted tips on mindfulness guiding Brits through lockdown

A resurfaced blog post that Meghan Markle wrote regarding the tier 4 lockdown has reportedly swooped in as a saving grace for millions of Brits stuck at home in tier 4 lockdowns with nothing to do.

In the now deleted post, the Duchess shed light on the importance of disconnection and wrote, "Without the distractions of texting, Snapping, and reading endless emails, your brain will get the mental detox it so deeply deserves."

“To make this feel even more like a treat, pick a theme and put together a playlist to match. A few ukulele tunes may be all you need to transport you to the beaches of Maui."

At the time, the royal also explained that indulging in a warm bath can relax the worries of the day away, when sprinkled with a little flair of course!

She recommended running "Yourself an indulgently long and warm bath to soak in. Whatever your pleasure, give yourself all the creature comforts you would indulge in while on vacation."

For those that are yearning the holiday spa experience Meghan recommends, "We often forget the little gestures that hotels make when you are away.”

“Be it spa water (with sliced cucumbers in it), extra cozy slippers, plush bathrobes, perfectly crisp and ironed sheets; all of these elements can make your humble abode feel like a boutique hotel."