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BTS candidly discuss Suga’s ‘painful’ hiatus: ‘It’s too empty now’

BTS have been missing their beloved Suga recently and even sat down to discuss how painful his hiatus is
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December 20, 2020
BTS candidly discuss Suga’s ‘painful’ hiatus: ‘It’s too empty now’

BTS just isn’t complete without Suga and all the boys agree. So much so that they decided to sit down and shed light on their honest thoughts regarding his hiatus .

Jimin was the very first to chime in and explain the entire ordeal Suga had to undergo to 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje.

He was quoted saying, “After Yoongi hyung’s shoulder surgery, he went on a long hiatus. Hyung, the empty space that you left is bigger than I thought it’d be.”

RM paid homage to Suga’s charisma in his statement and admitted, “The press conferences were difficult because I didn’t have the intuitive and cool care that only you can provide.”

J-Hope then added, “Whenever we were together, it felt unfamiliar to compliment each other. Hyung, you put so much work into producing a lot of these songs and I just want to take this time to tell you how amazing the songs are.”

Jin on the other hand left ARMYs heartbroken after admitting that that is really missing Suga’s random jokes and witty sense of humor. “Without Suga, the overall mood of the members are down. There is something different about way that your random jokes pop out of nowhere and they just explode.”