Wednesday September 22, 2021

Halsey admits Mac Miller’s death gave her the ‘courage’ to end a toxic relationship

Halsey learned to let go of her toxic relationship after witnessing Mac Miller’s fatal overdose
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November 17, 2020

Grammy award-winning singer Halsey gathered her “courage” to end her toxic relationship with her ex only after getting to witness Mac Miller’s fatal overdose.

The singer painted Mac Miller’s September 2018 overdose as her “turning point” to life and told E Online, "This is a terrible thing to say because I think it puts a positive connotation on a heinously tragic event, but it gave me the courage and the faith to leave the relationship I was in. It gave me that real [expletive] reality check that I needed and I think it probably did the same for a lot of other people too."

Halsey went on to say, "I was lucky enough to be in a position where I was like, 'Okay, cool I'm not ruining my life yet,' but I never would've expected some of the people that I know and loved and lost—to see them go down that path so aggressively and so rapidly. I kind of recognized the spiral early and was like, 'Alright, now I know.'"

At the time of Miller’s death, Halsey was romantically involved with someone who did drugs. "As a result, my currency of expressing love with them became doing drugs with them.”

“There was a lot of infidelity in the relationship too. It was like if I don't do it with you, you're going to go do it with someone else and then probably [expletive] them and I'm going to take you back anyway because this is what we do."

What made matters worse for Halsey at the time, were her struggles with bipolar disorder. "I'm a control freak and I can barely control my own emotions, and now I'm trying to control the emotions of a person who is not dealing with logic and reason the way that I'm familiar with.”

With this trajectory dragging her down, “Now, I'm questioning my own perception of reality. I can't control myself, I can't control them. What can I control? Why am I even alive? What is even the point of anything? That was what the process was like."

Halsey concluded by explaining how It was only after she gained the courage to leave her ex that she was able to "get my own [expletive] together and stabilize my own self."