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Machine Gun Kelly expresses his thoughts after winning VMA

Machine Gun Kelly took to Instagram to express his views
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August 31, 2020

After winning Video Music Award (VMA), Machine Gun Kelly took to Instagram to express his thoughts regarding his achievement.

During the pre-VMA show, the rapper-singer performed two songs from his upcoming album 'Tickets to My Downfall'. For the taped performance, he played “my ex’s best friend” with blackbear on a rooftop during the day, then “bloody valentine” with Travis Barker from a different, lit-up building at night.

Sharing a video and a couple of pictures on Instagram, he wrote, "Pretty much waited my entire life just to say: WE WON A ******** VMA!!!! i was flying in to pick up my fathers ashes when i got the news that we were nominated, so it was bittersweet. then i found out that it was a fan voted award and from the first day y’all were like 'we got this' and you really did it. i’m honored to share this moment with you. thank you. thank you. what the fucking fuck. [sic]"