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Prince Charles ‘already making plans’ for his future role as King of England

Prince Charles has been the first in line to the throne since he was three years old

By Web Desk
August 31, 2020

Prince Charles has been tangled in a number of tough choices as he preps to fit into his next role as the ruler of the British throne.

The Prince of Wales is currently the first in line to take over the monarchy once his mother, Queen Elizabeth II dies or abdicates the throne, ending her record-breaking 65-year reign.

According to royal expert Christopher Wilson, Charles is already making plans for his future role as the King of Britain as he recently also stepped down from his beloved Duchy Originals Farm claiming he “won’t have time to devote to farming” once he takes charge as the crowned head of England.

Wilson also revealed that Charles was facing a big decision about his title as the future king and is likely to follow the same path as his grandfather King George VI.

“The last king to be crowned was called Bertie, but styled George VI. The one before him went by the name David but was crowned Edward VIII. There is, as yet, no guarantee that Charles will be crowned King Charles III,” Wilson told Express.

“George VI’s title was chosen in the light of Edward VIII’s abdication the previous year – the choice a hark back to the solid and dependable reign of King George V,” he added.

“Charles will enter the stage in different circumstances, following the lengthy and – say many – the most successful reign in the long story of British monarchy,” he added.

King Edward VIII despite being known amongst his family as David, had chosen Edward as his regnal title.

Prince Charles’s Christian names are Charles Philip Arthur George, therefore he could pick either one as his title instead of going as King Charles.

Charles has been the first in line to the throne since he was three years old, making him the country’s longest serving heir.