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Ali Abbas Zafar touches upon new 'Mr. India' and its relevance to the current scenario

Ali Abbas Zafar recently admitted the film Mr India is a completely new film ‘we are just calling it 'Mr India’

By Web Desk
June 20, 2020
Ali Abbas Zafar touches upon new Mr. India and its relevance to the current scenario

Filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar has been gearing up for the release of his newest film Mr. India. Ali recently sat for an interview where he candidly spoke about the film, its relevance to the current world situation and just how different it is from the original Mr. India.

In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Ali Abbas was quoted saying: “It’s a completely new film, we are just calling it Mr. India. My film is essentially about the common man fighting a mighty villain, but done in a cool, hip way, using science and technology and being relevant to today’s social scenario.”

When asked about his upcoming film with Katrina Kaif and whether he plans to dive into the superhero universe for himself, Ali claimed, “Yes, I am creating a superhero universe, beginning with Katrina’s film. We then move to Mr. India, which will carry forward bits from Katrina’s film, and we are developing two more characters. My third superhero is rooted in Indian mythology and the fourth comes from the Indian army.”