Thursday July 18, 2024

CAA issues clarification on hiring of Additional Director Aero Medical

Authority says candidates Dr Wadood and Dr Ahreema Badar are qualified, experienced and met the hiring criteria

By Web Desk
July 08, 2024
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) building. — Facebook/CAA/File
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) building. — Facebook/CAA/File 

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has issued a clarification on the hiring of individuals for the post of Additional Director Aero Medical, stating that candidates Dr Wadood and Dr Ahreema Badar were selected based on their merit and experience.

Their appointments were made after a thorough process, the authority said, adding that the candidates met all the essential criteria.

"Dr Ahreema completed a Diploma in Aviation Medicine from Dow University which is duly recognised by the Higher Education Commission. However, it was not a mandatory requirement," the CAA rebuttal said.

"Both candidates, Dr Wadood (hired in 2021) and Dr Ahreema Badar (hired in April 2024) were qualified, experienced and meet the above-stated criteria. The HR directorate of PCAA thoroughly completed the due process of the selection of suitable candidates. Dr Ahreema met the criteria mentioned in para 2 and was selected by the PCAA Selection Committee."

The PCCA further said that the recruitment process was conducted with the utmost integrity and transparency, adhering to due process of recruitment and selection as per applicable rules and regulations.

The clarification was issued after a Geo News reported that a doctor who recently vacated Additional Director Aero Medical, was suffering from hearing impairment and was in fact disabled in one ear and was ironically responsible for assessing pilots's hearing ability.

The doctor was appointed the post on "favouritism" despite the Human Resource (HR) department's reservations".

"The CAA has now appointed Dr Ahreema Badar in his place. However, she too is unqualified for the said post as neither she has the required experience nor academic credentials that are recognised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)," the news report added.