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Christina Applegate's daughter gets candid about mom's multiple sclerosis

Christina Applegate’s13-year-old daughter Sadie opened up about her mother’s health condition

By Web Desk
June 25, 2024
Christina Applegates teen daughter Sadie gets candid about mothers health condition
Christina Applegate's teen daughter Sadie gets candid about mother's health condition

Christina Applegate’s 13-year-old daughter Sadie recently opened up about her mother’s health condition.

Speaking exclusively on the new episode of Applegate’s MeSsy, Sadie offered insight into her mother dealing from multiple sclerosis since 2021: "It’s definitely hard seeing my mom struggle."

Referring to her mother’s uncurable disease, she explained: “When she got diagnosed, it kind of just felt like...not like everything was over but it was hard seeing my mom lose a lot of the abilities she used to have in my childhood, when I was a kid, we would dance in her room for hours at a time."

Meanwhile, Applegate claimed that her daughter is the “season I get up in the morning and my joy of my life.”

The Dead To Me actress, who shares teen daughter with husband, also musician Martyn Le Noble, regarded Sadie as “my favourite guest we could possibly ever have.”

During an emotional meltdown, Sadie’s mother said that she feels "incredibly guilty" during a "bad MS day."

Applegate said that she doesn’t want her teen daughter “to feel that I'm not capable to be your protector, your mother, you know, I love you."