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Travis Scott’s lawyer finally speaks up over rapper’s arrest in Florida

Travis Scott was arrested earlier this week over disorderly intoxication and trespassing charges

By Web Desk
June 22, 2024
Travis Scott’s lawyer addresses rapper’s arrest in Florida
Travis Scott’s lawyer addresses rapper’s arrest in Florida

Travis Scott’s lawyer has recently broken his silence on rapper’s arrest in Florida on charges of disorderly intoxication and trespassing.

In a statement via PEOPLE, the Scott’s attorney said, “Mr. Scott was briefly detained due to a misunderstanding.”

“There was absolutely no physical altercation involved, and we thank the authorities for working with us towards a swift and amicable resolution,” he stated.

A source spilled to the outlet, “There was no physical altercation with anyone,” after the rapper's arrest.

“This was a rowdy party and Travis was already bailed out for a few hundred dollars. He is already home,” shared an insider.

The source told the outlet, “There will be no further action to be taken as it was a minor incident akin to receiving a ticket with no injuries.”

Earlier, Miami Beach Police Department reps spoke to PEOPLE that Scott “was taken into custody after an incident at the Miami Beach Marina”.

In an arrest affidavit obtained by the outlet, officers noted that authorities were called to the property on complaints of fighting on a yacht.

“Officers made contact with [Scott] to conduct an investigation,” read the affidavit.

It added, “Throughout the interaction, officers on scene could sense a strong smell of alcohol coming from the defendant's breath.”

Scott reportedly submitted a total of $650 bond for disorderly intoxication and $150 for trespassing charges

Meanwhile, Miami police alleged that after the rapper’s arrest, Scott “later admitted that he had been drinking alcohol and stated, ‘It's Miami’”.