Monday July 22, 2024

Jason, Travis Kelce discuss Taylor Swift’s affect on ‘New Heights’ podcast

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce reflect on how Taylor Swift has cause ‘shift’ in podcast audience

By Web Desk
June 21, 2024
Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce discuss New Heights after Taylor Swift 

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce got candid on how the latter’s relationship with the popstar has affected their New Heights podcast.

Highlighting that the initial followers they have loved their podcast entirely for the love of football and content related to the sport, the brothers made it clear that they want to satisfy both their new fans and the loyal listeners who supported them before Travis, 34, got involved in his high-profile relationship with Swift.

"We want to be careful to stay loyal to the people that have tuned in from day one," Jason said, mentioning many of their original listeners who "are diehard football fans."

The "lifestyle" aspect of New Heights, as the former centre for the Philadelphia Eagles put it, has always included the brothers talking about their everyday lives "even before the demographic shift", that is, before Travis and Swift started dating.

"But now it's really expanded," Jason added. "It's been fun for me; I have three little girls, so in some ways, the show and everything that's transpired over the past year has given reasons for girls to get involved in a sport where previously there wasn't that much interest."

"So all of a sudden, dads are hanging out with daughters, and there's worlds colliding, and our show gets to be another place where worlds collide, and it's awesome," he shared.

“You've gotta listen to your viewers, you have to listen to the comments and your demographic, and see who you're talking to,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end added to the discussion.