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Kevin Spacey claims flying with Jeffrey Epstein and ‘young girls during 2002 Africa trip

Kevin Spacey says he didn’t know Jeffrey Epstein during his trip to Africa in 2002

By Web Desk
June 12, 2024
Kevin Spacey alleges he didn't know Jeffrey Epstein during 2002 Africa trip 

Kevin Spacey has recently confessed he was with Jeffrey Epstein, former President Bill Clinton and a group of “young girls” on a plane.

While speaking to Piers Morgan on his controversial Uncensored program, Kevin revealed he was never “friends” with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey.

The House of Cards star shared he met Jeffrey after Bill invited him on an eight-day humanitarian trip to Africa in 2002.

“It was primarily to raise awareness and prevention for AIDS, and particularly for mothers who had HIV to get the medication they needed to not pass it onto their children, so I said yes, absolutely,” he told Piers.

Kevin stated, “I have since learned who he is and I have since been able to go back and find out that the airplane that we flew on for this humanitarian mission was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.”

The American Beauty actor mentioned, “I didn’t know him. I have never spent any time with him. I was with the Clinton Foundation people, that’s who I was with.”

Kevin Spacey claims flying with Jeffrey Epstein and ‘young girls during 2002 Africa trip

Kevin claimed he wasn’t comfortable with Jeffrey, saying, “I didn’t want to be around this guy because I felt he put the president at risk on that trip to South Africa, because there were these young girls.”

“We were like, ‘Who is this guy?’” he remarked.

When questioned about young girls on those flights, to which Kevin responded, “There were young girls on those flights,” without further elaborating.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kevin also refused ever travelling to the island.

“There's a big difference between not remembering that I met some guy and some woman on a humanitarian trip where my focus was entirely on what we were there to do, and not remembering whether I went to somebody's island,” added the actor.