Friday June 21, 2024

Sarah Ferguson calls Meghan Markle 'bad-tempered' princess?

This resurfaced clip coincided with Meghan's public appearance after losing her Spotify deal last year

By Web Desk
June 03, 2024
Sarah Ferguson said, no-one wants to see a grumpy princess
Sarah Ferguson said, 'no-one wants to see a grumpy princess'

Sarah Ferguson, is believed to have indirectly criticized Meghan Markle while offering advice to princesses. 

Speculation arose as Ferguson made intriguing comments on her podcast, leaving fans wondering if her remarks were aimed at Meghan.

During a past podcast episode,  The Duchess of York cautioned against being a "grumpy princess," leading to speculation that she might have been referring to Meghan. This resurfaced clip coincided with Meghan's public appearance, appearing disheartened after losing her Spotify deal last year.

Ferguson shared that she imparted these words of wisdom to her daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, during her podcast, "Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah." 

She emphasized the importance of smiling when in public.. She added: "I always say to my girls: when you're out on the public stage, smile. And if you don't want to be polite, don't go on the public stage - because no-one wants to see a grumpy princess. You've heard me say that many times."

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and King Charles have been given a warning as she spoke about the need for "forgiveness". 

The Duchess of York opened up about life inside the Royal Family during an appearance at Cannes Film Festival. She spoke about the importance of supporting one another, as The Firm has been embroiled in a bitter feud for years.

Speaking with PEOPLE magazine at the 2024 amFar Gala, Sarah said: "I think the key to life is that we all support each other. And also forgiveness is a great thing. I think forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others." Royal expert Tom Quinn has suggested her comments were a "clear reference" to Harry's strained relationship with his father.