Friday December 08, 2023

Chahat Fateh Ali faces the music of Ali Zafar over his World Cup anthem

Music star says he "can never match" the level of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

By Sports Desk
October 04, 2023
Singers Ali Zafar (left) and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan (right). — Instagram/@ali_zafar/X/@chahatfatehalikhan
Singers Ali Zafar (left) and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan (right). — Instagram/@ali_zafar/X/@chahatfatehalikhan

Pakistani ace singer Ali Zafar was stunned by the hilarious anthem for the cricket World Cup 2023 released by the internet singing sensation, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The viral artist, whose real name is Kashif Rana, posted his eagerly awaited anthem for the ICC World Cup on Monday, reigniting the online world with his "creativity".

In the video, Chahat himself takes centre stage, dancing and passionately repeating the lyrics, "Jeete Ge Bhae Jeete Ge," signifying the belief that the Pakistani team will excel in the World Cup.

The video quickly went viral, eliciting a wave of reactions from netizens nationwide. While many commended the artist's unwavering support for the national team and applauded his creativity, others had mixed feelings about his music.

However, Zafar expressed surprise that Chahat released the anthem before him and sarcastically said "can never match" the level if he attempts to create a song.

Reposting the anthem on the microblogging site, X, the music star jokingly said that Chahat took advantage of his busy schedule and released the anthem first.

"Ye nahin ho sakta [It can't be]. He took advantage of my busy schedule during the tours. Not fair. Can never match this," the singer wrote sarcastically.

The Teefa in Trouble star further stated that he will start working on his version of the World Cup 2023 anthem as soon as he gets done with the performances he is currently busy with.

It may be noted that days after the release of the International Cricket Council's (ICC) official World Cup 2023 anthem "Dil Jashn Bole", Zafar announced on the microblogging site that he will be composing his own anthem for the tournament, with the help of ideas of new music composers.

This was after the fans expressed disappointment over ICC's World Cup anthem and recalled the cricket hit songs by Zafar, desiring another number from him.

"Firstly thank you for the love and faith. Keeping in mind your thoughts and wishes for the World Cup cricket anthem, I have an idea on how we can create a masterpiece together," he wrote in the caption of a video of him explaining his plan to the music enthusiasts.

This is not the first time Zafar has reacted to Chahat's music.

"YaAllah Khair," the 42-year-old musician wrote on X while sharing Chahat's rendition of "Channo", one of the most popular songs of Pakistan, originally sung by the former.

The British-Pakistani, Chahat, first gained prominence when he lent his voice to the anthem of the eighth instalment of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 8).