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Tom Parker's widow Kelsey Parker ‘begs’ for bit of happiness

Tom Parker passed away in March 2022 due to a brain tumor

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September 30, 2023
Tom Parkers widow Kelsey Parker ‘begs’ for bit of happiness
Tom Parker's widow Kelsey Parker ‘begs’ for bit of happiness

Kelsey Parker has acknowledged that her recent relationship with Sean Boggans has faced challenges, as she found herself compelled to respond to cruel online trolls.

The 33-year-old mother-of-two publicly confirmed her new romantic involvement earlier this month, following the tragic passing of her husband, Tom, in March 2022 due to a brain tumor.

Appearing on Loose Women on Friday, Kelsey said she 'deserves a little bit of happiness' after Tom's death, adding it's been 'really hard' to navigate a new romance.

She said: 'That's not plain sailing either because it's really hard, we're trying a new relationship and I am grieving someone and it's really, really hard for both of us but do you know what, I'm really, really happy and deserve a little bit of happiness.'

She added: 'Life's tough and you have to be resilient, I have been resilient and I feel like I need happiness now.'

Kelsey hit back at trolls after going Instagram official with her boyfriend on Sunday, saying: 'Tom will always be the love of my life.'

The mother-of-two wrote on Instagram Stories: 'For anyone who thinks my new relationship is in any way a reflection of how I felt about Tom, after reading today's paper, pls (sic) know that is not the case.'

Addressing the backlash on the panel show, she said: 'This is the thing, I wanted the fairytale with Tom. I wanted the fairytale happy ending but that didn't happen for me so how now do I move forward with my life?'

'I put Tom first, I put the children first. I just feel like now I need a bit of happiness.'

'As long as my children are happy and my family are happy for me, Tom's family are happy for me, that's all that matters.'