Monday December 11, 2023

Kate Middleton, Prince William's video of secret outing in LA resurfaces

American TV host recalled his unexpected encounter with Kate Middleton and Prince William

By Web Desk
September 30, 2023

A video about Kate Middleton and Prince William's secret outing in Los Angeles has resurfaced online.

In a TV show's snippet, which has attracted around 70,000 views on X (then-Twitter), the American television host recalled his unexpected encounter with the Prince and Princess of Wales when he went to collect the Sunday paper from his driveway.

The clip, from The Kelly Clarkson Show, tells the hilarious story of how Jay got chatting to Kate and William one random morning. It's not every day you bump into the much-loved royal couple, but that's exactly what happened to Jay Leno back in 2011.

"I get to the top of my driveway," Jay said. "I see the two most incredibly well-dressed people standing there."

Generously acting out the scene on the show, Jay continued. "A guy turns around. I go: 'Prince William?' He goes: 'Hello!'"

"'Kate Middleton?'" Jay asks in character, before adopting a higher-pitched voice to imitate the Princess, who replied: "'Lovely home!'"

As if a regular occurrence to find British royals outside your home, Jay then asked the pair: "What brings you to my driveway?"

The Tonight Show host recalled that the future king had asked if the pair could stay on Jay's lawn whilst they waited for their car to collect them. "I said feel free to stay on my driveway all day long!" Jay revealed.

Returning back to his house, he told his wife: "The next King and Queen of England are standing in the driveway!"