Friday December 01, 2023

Prince William, Prince Harry had 'blazing row' after Prince Philip's funeral

Kate Middleton reportedly pushed Prince William and Prince Harry to speak during Prince Philip's funeral

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September 26, 2023

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Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly had a 'blazing row' right after the funeral processions of their late grandfather Prince Philip.

While speaking to OK! magazine, royal expert Jennie Bond shared that Kate Middleton had attempted to get her husband and his brother to speak with each other amid their rocky relationship during a time of grief.

However, things seemingly could not work out as the duo ended up having a row.

"But we now know that it didn’t work," Bond said over Kate's attempt to simmer the tension between the brothers.

"In fact, William and Harry had a blazing row right after the funeral. There comes a point when you just have to accept that happy families are not a game that everyone can play," Bond sighed.

She went on to elaborate on the Duke and Duchess of Wales' sentiments for the Spare author with Bond saying that the pair has "closed their minds" to any possibility of them fixing their broken bond with Prince Harry and Meghan. 

Kate, in particular, has been very 'hurt and insulted' over the situation but has been with Prince William to get through it. 

"When you come from a happy, united family – as Katherine does – it’s incredibly hard to understand how people can become estranged."

"[Kate] hurt and insulted by things that Harry and Meghan have said. She and William are a very strong team."

"Together, [William and Kate] come to the conclusion that the rift with Harry cannot be fixed in the foreseeable future. They’ve closed their minds to that possibility and decided to get on with their lives."