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Prince William left feeling 'jealous' of 'popular' Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry shared a complicated bond since their childhood

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September 26, 2023
Prince William was slightly jealous of Prince Harry when they were growing up
Prince William was slightly jealous of Prince Harry when they were growing up 

Prince Harry’s unbridled popularity ever since he was a child often left his big brother Prince William feeling "jealous."

During an appearance on the latest episode of HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe dished on the relationship dynamic between the now-estranged brothers growing up.

"William was probably slightly jealous of Harry because of his popularity," he shared on the podcast.

Wharfe went on to explain the many traits that made the Duke of Sussex pretty much life of the party during their hangouts with friends.

"Harry was very much the popular boy in the shop. He was a character," he claimed. "He was a joker, and people liked jokers. I think William was a little more reserved as a child, although he had his parts."

Nevertheless, the twosome often reinforced their status as brothers due to their one shared trait, which was clumsiness, according to the security agent.

Ken revealed William and Harry were often dashed to A&E after sustaining injuries while playing sports as kids.

"You take [them] to A&E and suddenly nobody wants to know about stitching up this royal knee with a fear of actually doing it badly," Ken said.

"You have to say in a nice way 'just get on with it, stitch him up'. You know, kids are kids and they have accidents like anybody else."