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Prince William and Kate Middleton repeat severe mistake with new move

Prince William and Kate Middleton were previously slammed for their tone-deaf Caribbean tour in March 2022

By Web Desk
September 16, 2023

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly looking to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to run their royal household for which they posted an odd job description.

The ‘unique opportunity’ is looking for candidates who must be “emotionally intelligent, with low ego and strong self-awareness and understanding of their impact on others.” Moreover, they should be “able to operate as a ‘servant’ leader, empowering the senior team.”

The job will require the successful to be accountable as the ‘leader for the Household,’ reporting directly to William and Kate.

“They will be responsible for the development and implementation of TRH’s long-term strategy and continuing to strengthen a professional and collaborative Household culture.”

However, experts have noted that the job criteria could be dubbed discriminatory given the usage of the vocabulary in the job advert.

Prince William and Kate Middleton repeat severe mistake with new move

Kate Palmer, HR Director at Peninsula told that while “all businesses ultimately want to attract a good fit for their organisation,” she stressed that care needs to be taken to make sure “such requirements are not discriminatory.”

She also noted that being ‘emotionally intelligent, and having a ‘low ego’ are “not commonly requested as qualities.”

The job advert comes a year after William and Kate were slammed for their tone-deaf and discriminatory Caribbean tour in March 2022. The visit sparked a series of protests demanding an apology and reparations for slavery.

The photo-ops from the tour were a rehash of the colonial era in which the couple was seen shaking hands with Jamaican children through wire fences. Moreover, there was also a military parade in which the pair stood, dressed in white, in an open-top Land Rover, which was not received well by the locals.