Saturday September 23, 2023

Kate Middleton, Prince William meet another George resembling cheeky Prince Louis

Prince William's wife Kate Middleton returned to royal duties following her summer break with an injured hand

By Web Desk
September 15, 2023

Kate Middleton appeared in good spirits as she showed off her playful side on a royal visit to Hereford with her husband Prince William, where the couple met with  'another George'.

The Princess of Wales was all excited to see a little boy called George, whose mother joked that despite sharing a name with Kate's oldest son, the infant's personality more closely resembled cheeky Prince Louis.

William's wife Kate looked broody as she made a fuss of a baby while visiting Hereford with her husband Prince William on Thursday. The Princess quipped it was 'nice to meet another George' as she cooed over the baby son of Sam and Emily Stables, founders of the mental health charity We Are Farming Mind.

During the couple's visit, which focused on improving the mental health of farmers and others in the agricultural industry, the Prince of Wales was hailed for his 'evolution' of the Duchy of Cornwall as he announced a new mental health scheme for tenants of the estate.

Kate, who returned to royal duties following her summer break with an injured hand, made the most of the things she was able to do, including making a fuss of a donkey. She displayed her playful side as she crouched down to explore the inside of a teepee that had been made by primary school pupils