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Natasha Lyonne blames industry 'double standards' for opportunities lack

Natasha Lyonne was starred in hit Netflix series 'The Russian Doll'

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June 11, 2023
Natasha Lyonne blames industry double standards for opportunities lack
Natasha Lyonne blames industry 'double standards' for opportunities lack

Natasha Lyonne was shot to prominence from Netflix hit drama Russian Doll.

However, the actor lamented the series' success did not open the doors of opportunities for her.

In a conversation on The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtables, the actor rued, “It’s funny when you are the writer, the creator, the director and the star and you have 13 nominations or whatever, and it’s not like, ‘Here’s a bunch of Marvel movies.”

Adding, “In fact, they’re like, ‘Oh, now we see you as potentially intimidating.’”

The 44-year-old also highlighted the double standards regarding opportunities availabilities to males and females.

“But to my mind, the male auteurs, and I guess I am naming names, the Bill [Haders] and Donald Glovers — by the way, you’re talking about all brilliant people that I love. In other words, I’m talking about an industry thing, not a personal thing, but for some reason it’s much easier to say, ‘Oh my God, this person is brilliant and fun to watch, let’s put them in a bunch of stuff.’ It’s just very different for boys and girls.”

Lyonne also added that she holds no grudges against the superhero studio; instead the actor said she is critical of the established system.

“I don’t even mean anything to Marvel,” she continued. “And it can be unintentional. I think a lot of it is people trying to be generous, almost saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you’d want to do that kind of thing. 

Like, you created ‘PEN15,’ why would you want to…’ And I don’t know those ladies personally, but I don’t suddenly see them on billboards all over the city for rom-coms or whatever.”