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Gerard Pique's girlfriend obtains restraining order against Shakira-obsessed paparazzo

Clara Chia Marti says Jordi Martin has been causing her 'intense anguish' since she started dating Shakira's ex Gerard Pique

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Gerard Piques girlfriend obtains restraining order against Shakira-obsessed paparazzo
Gerard Pique's girlfriend obtains restraining order against Shakira-obsessed paparazzo 

Gerard Pique's girlfriend Clara Chia Marti has obtained a restraining order against a Shakira-obsessed paparazzo. 

According to Marca Magazine, the former Barcelona star’s new girlfriend filed a complaint against journalist Jordi Martin, claiming that he has caused her "intense anguish.”

The 24-year-old PR student alleged that Martin’s behaviour has been "aggressive, burdensome, intrusive and provocative" ever since she started dating Pique.

She asked for a restraining order of 1000 meters from the journalist, however, the court banned him from coming within 400 meters of Marti with exception of social events.

The court said that even tough Martin is a journalist, he cannot cause "unjustifiable suffering” to anyone including Marti.

Hence, the court told the paparazzo that he cannot come near 20 meters of her friends or family and cannot talk to Marti for a period of three months.

As per the court, three months are "possibly sufficient" for the young woman "to recover" and "perhaps, for her to definitively lose media interest.”

However, the judge noted that he cannot impose a ban on Marti of more than 400 meters as the defendant "lives by taking photos of celebrities that they do not consent to" and that he cannot be harmed "beyond the minimum necessary, nothing, if possible,” and that he has photographic material that allows him to carry out his functions "at a distance of up to 800 meters.”

Marti reportedly faced public humiliation after Shakira dropped her breakup anthems in which she not only dissed her ex but also his girlfriend, which made her fans mock Marti every time she stepped outside.