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Prince William and King Charles throw Prince Harry under the bus

The son of Diana fights for family's honour

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023
Prince William and King Charles throw Prince Harry under the bus

Prince Harry has been thrown under the bus by his brother Princes William and his father King Charles as the Duke of Sussex is left alone to fight the press which they all blame for the death of Princess Diana.

Prince Harry has taken it upon himself to teach the British tabloids a lesson for messing with his family. But his family seems to have chosen sides with critics of the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle.

William is currently being supported by the crowd who openly disrespects his late mother Diana while attacking his younger brother Prince Harry.

The supporters of the royal family launched fresh personal attacks on the mother of Harry and William as the Duke of Sussex attended a court hearing in London.

Harry's haters claimed that he confirmed in the court that his mother was an adulteress.

A series of social media posts targeting Diana's character were posted after Harry’s first day of testimony in his phone hacking case against the Mirror Newspaper Group (MGN) included references to his mother's affair with army officer James Hewitt.

Shortly after his statement was reported in the media, his critics said Harry effectively confirmed she was an adulteress who was having an affair with James Hewitt, while still married to The King.

Most of the people who expressed their anger at Harry and attacked Diana are well known supporters of the Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles and Queen Camilla.

A large number of them were found praising William's wife Kate Middleton when she came out for a royal engagement on Tuesday.

Prince William has been unable to stop his supporters from attacking his mother while targeting his brother.

Prince of Wales's fueled anger against his brother on social and mainstream media when he reportedly tried and failed to prevent Harry from attending the Coronation of King Charles.

The King had reportedly requested Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal between his sons to attend the ceremony.

In his Netflix documentary, Harry revealed that he and William had made a promise that they won't follow in the footsteps of their father who he accused of leaking stories about other members of the royal family to the press.

The Duke of Sussex said his brother got involved in the same practice which the two brothers abhorred.

The latest attacks on Diana and William's silence is expected to further antagonize Harry who has emerged as the lone warrior against the British press.