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Prince Harry branded ‘sole contributor’ to Prince William ‘discord’

Experts have started ‘laughing’ at Prince Harry’s take on the ‘invasion of privacy’

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023

Prince Harry branded ‘sole contributor’ to Prince William ‘discord’

Prince Harry has just come under fire ‘fanning the flames’ to his ‘discord’ with Prince William.

These accusatory claims and admissions have been brought to light by royal commentator Allison Pearson.

She started everything off by referencing the difference in Prince William and Prince Harry’s approach towards Paul Burell.

In Ms Pearson’s eyes, while one brother chose to ‘talk things out’, another adamantly refused.

So much so that many publications branded this difference as the ‘first moment seeds of discord’ were planted.

However, according to The Telegraph Ms Pearson believes this thought process is “laughable frankly.”

Because when “telling the whole world in your autobiography that your brother pushed you, ripping your shirt and breaking your necklace as you fell on to a dog bowl has contributed to the ‘discord’ with William. Just a wild guess.”

These observations have come in response to Prince Harry’s ongoing trial against the Mirror Group Newspapers, over phone hacking allegations.

For those unversed, during his time in the courtroom, Prince Harry even spoke out in his own defense, from the witness box, and accused aides like Paul Burell of ‘banking’ off his mother, as well as ‘selling her secrets’.

He even called Princess Diana’s former butler a “two-faced s***” leaving him feeling “deeply upset and hurt.”

He’s also admitted, “I think it is careless and callous, what Harry has said in court.”