Friday September 22, 2023

King Charles Commonwealth video slammed in 'bad taste'

King Charles new video on Commonwealth mocked by Royal Expert

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023
King Charles Commonwealth video slammed in bad taste
King Charles Commonwealth video slammed in 'bad taste'

King Charles is receiving flak for his 'digital mishap' on social media.

Royal expert Daniela Elser comments on King Charles video featuring featuring different choirs from various Commonwealth countries singing a cover of Steve Winwood's Higher Love.

Alongside the clip, His Majesty's team wrote: "I was immensely proud to see the contributions from across the Commonwealth … Each of your contributions was unique and incredibly special and I was most touched you took the time and the trouble to contribute."

Elser then commented on the messed up caption and video, noting: "It is bad enough that some bright spark came up with this video for the concert, clearly as some way of including all those far flung bits of the world that constitute the Commonwealth, but why for the love of god put it on social media?

"The video is like some horrible throwback to the time of British Pathé, as if the producers, wearing their safari suits and pith helmets behind their desks in London, sent out a memo to the Commonwealth asking them to find as many people and children of colour as they could and then demand they perform for the cameras.

"For one thing, while some of the choirs look truly thrilled to be a part of this production, others look like they have been dragooned into this and their lack of enthusiasm is hard to miss."