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Sophie Wessex to have 'prominent role' in King Charles monarchy

Sophie Wessex marking important visits in King Charles new monarchy

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023
Sophie Wessex to have prominent role in King Charles monarchy

Sophie Wessex, the Duchess of Edinburgh, is a key cog in King Charles' monarchy machinery. 

Prince Edwards' wife has attracted a lot of people towards the Royal Family with her public duties especially in Iraq.

Royal expert Richard Eden writes in Palace Confidential newsletter: "It was an important visit, but attracted very little media coverage, partly because the Government didn't want to publicise it until after it had happened, for security reasons.

"When Sophie became the first royal to visit South Sudan in 2020 and the first to the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year, her trips received similarly little attention."

But Mr Eden believes the Duchess deserves not just more recognition but also a more "prominent role", as does her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

He then went on to add how he would like if Edward and Sophie have "more prominent roles, and more charity patronages"