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Mel B weighs in on living with a stutter: ‘terrifying’

Mel B shares the ways to control stutter in everyday routine

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May 31, 2023
Mel B weighs in on living with a stutter: ‘terrifying’
Mel B weighs in on living with a stutter: ‘terrifying’

Mel B has recently weighed in on living with stutter in her adult life.

In a new interview with MailOnline, the former Spice Girl member revealed, “Having a stutter can be really debilitating.”

“It can really knock your confidence and I had mine for quite a while and I do get it every now and again when I get quite excited,” she noted.

Mel B stated, “I've just got lots to say, but it can be really daunting for any kind of communication.”

Recalling her childhood period, the singer stated, “I was young when I had my stutter, but I can only remember it as the fact it was just really frustrating.”

“You're thinking one thing in your head, but what's actually coming out... it's just a discombobulation of the start of words or the end of one word. It can be really, really terrifying,” she explained.

The Wannabe hit-maker disclosed that organisations such as The McGuire Programme teach costal breathing techniques to counteract speech blocks like stutter.

“The first thing that I do in the morning when I open my eyes is so important and it just sets me up for the day. I listen to a lot of yoga nidra and I've got this one meditation that lasts exactly 21 minutes,” shared the singer.

The former X Factor judge added, “I'm just going to do my nose breathing, relax my body and prepare myself for the day.”