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Lizzo for 'American Idol' judge, says Katy Perry

Currently, Katy Perry is the only woman on the panel of judge

By Web Desk
May 30, 2023
Lizzo for American Idol judge, says Katy Perry
Lizzo for 'American Idol' judge, says Katy Perry

Katy Perry sought to even the odds on the American Idol judge panel by inviting Lizzo to join the panel.

In a chat with Buzzfeed Celeb's Puppy Interview, the Roar singer voiced his support to rope in the pop star on the judging panel.

“I’d like Lizzo to come and join American Idol. This is an invitation from me, Katy Perry,” adding, “Lizzo, I’m asking you to join the panel. I’m feeling a little outnumbered on the testosterone. I could really use some bold, honest, hot takes.”

This came amidst the Dark Horse singer, who wished not to be the only woman on the panel.

“Probably being a woman and having a strong opinion,” she continued. “I also think that what’s really challenging is only one person wins this contest. I would say that the top 20 are all superstars and I would never want to sing after them because they can sing better than all of us.”