Thursday September 28, 2023

King Charles ‘getting terrible advice’ from a ‘woke, virtue-signaling moron’

Experts believe King Charles is being surrounded by ‘woke, virtue-signaling morons’ giving him ‘terrible advice’

By Web Desk
May 28, 2023

Experts fear King Charles is “getting absolutely terrible advice” from some “woke, virtue-signaling moron.”

TalkRADIO’s Political commentator, Patrick Christys issued these accusations and claims.

“King Charles is clearly getting absolutely terrible advice from some kind of woke, virtue-signalling moron and, unless it changes soon, the future of the Monarchy is at risk,” he told GB News.

Currently “Somebody behind the scenes is telling King Charles to appeal to, and try to appease, the woke brigade and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a stark example of Britain in decline.”

He also went on to warn, “This is my point: Appeasement doesn’t work. It will never be enough. They will always want more.”

Even if King Charles gives “as much public support as he likes for the climate lobby, they will just see that as a sign that they can push for even more.”

The writer also referenced the decision to have a multi-faith coronation and questioned, “What’s that all about? Does the Coronation of our King who, may I remind everybody, is the head of the Church of England, have to be used as another opportunity to virtue signal about diversity?”

Because “Yet again, this won’t be greeted with glee by multi-faith groups. They will continue to regard Charles as a stuffy, old, gammon-coloured, rich, closet racist posho. It’s pointless.”