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Princess Eugenie baby no 2 is set to 'sparkle' in the Royal Family

Princess Eugenie is set to welcomed her second baby in the month of May

By Web Desk
May 20, 2023
Princess Eugenie baby no 2 is set to sparkle in the Royal Family

Princess Eugenie's baby number two is destined to perform well under pressure.

Astrology experts from Top 10 Casinos tell that the Princess's new born will be 'chatty' with a good 'imagination.'

Speaking about the baby's birth sign, the astrologer notes : "Gemini’s sparkle under pressure, often described as the busiest and most hectic of all the star signs.

"The Gemini birth flower is Lavender, with Pink English Lavender having the potential to grow up to three feet tall."

Princess Eugenie's first born son, August, is a Pisces. Sharing his compatibility with the new born, the astrologer adds.

They add: "Your dreamy Pisces child easily gets lost in their vivid imagination, so they're lucky to have a Gemini sibling.

"Whether older or younger, Gemini serves as a bright, witty focal point that connects shy Pisces to the present. In return, Pisces offers their sibling unconditional love and support."

This comes after Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, touched upon the arrival of her grandchild.

The Duchess told HOLA! TV: "We don’t know what it is yet. But the baby is due by the end of May, I think. So it’s any minute now."