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'Ted Lasso' star Juno Temple took notes from ‘Legally Blonde’

'Ted Lasso' star Juno Temple reveals she took notes from ‘Legally Blonde’ for her look

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March 23, 2023
Ted Lasso star Juno Temple took notes from ‘Legally Blonde’
'Ted Lasso' star Juno Temple took notes from ‘Legally Blonde’

Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple who plays Keely, revealed she took inspiration from Legally Blonde for her role.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan the actress who plays a PR person in the show revealed: "A big inspiration for Keeley and her company this year was 'Legally Blonde,' which is totally one of my favorite movies ever," admitted Temple.

Keeley makes a big career move in season 3 of Ted Lasso, which requires her to look businesslike but fashionable.

"I was like, 'Well, I think she still has to be as quirky and pink and fluffy as Keeley has always been.' And everyone agreed. It's still the Keeley that we know and love, right? Even if she's in a position of power, she doesn't think of it that way."

"I have such fun collaborating with Jacky Levy, our costume designer, and Nicky Austin, our hair and makeup designer," she explained.

Their joint effort will bring Ted Lasso the same Keeley, but with a slightly more grown-up look — just like Elle Woods, who manages to look classy and animated throughout both of her movies.

"She is who she is. A huge part of that is staying true to her gorgeous, mad look that she has going on. I kind of love the idea that she's always overdressed for things where you should be more underdressed and then vice versa," the actress said. Elle Woods would definitely approve of moxie like that.

Keeley Jones is a show regular in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. She is a model-turned-PR consultant for AFC Richmond, the girlfriend of Roy Kent, and a good friend of Ted Lasso.