Sunday December 03, 2023

Prince Andrew ‘couldn’t be stopped’ from this ceremonial role after last year’s scandal

Prince Andrew is reportedly set to attend a bash in Windsor Castle after being stripped off of his titles

By Web Desk
March 21, 2023

Prince Andrew is seemingly finding his way back to the royal family.

The ex-royal is reportedly set to attend a bash in Windsor later today on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 as a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, via

Andrew’s attendance at the event was criticised by Norman Baker, the former Lib Dem MP for Lewes and current serving member of the Privy Council.

“Prince Andrew is going to any length possible to worm his way back into public life,” he told The Sun in an interview.

“The only order he should be given is the order of the boot. He is simply being allowed to play dressing up as a royal for the day when really he should be serving a long period of silence,” he added.

Whereas, Ingrid Seward, of Majesty magazine, said that Andrew “is a member, so they probably couldn’t stop him going even if they wanted to.”

The Duke of York’s ceremonial role in the 127-year-old order is one of the few titles not taken by the Queen. The disgraced royal was stripped of his royal roles last year amid accusations of sexual abuse, which he has repeatedly denied.

Among those stepping out in Berkshire alongside Prince Andrew is also Prince Edward, with whom the Duke of York was spotted horse-riding on the weekend.