Thursday March 23, 2023

Prince Harry ‘trying to pull the wool’ over peoples eyes: ‘Utter nonsense’

Prince Harry warned ‘that’s not how its ever worked’ in the Palace

By Web Desk
March 18, 2023

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Prince Harry has just been called out for trying to lie about Queen Elizabeth and the conditions of the Palace.

This clapback has been issued by Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burell.

Burell started by saying, “I know that there is a way he could've addressed all of these issues in private with his family and for him to say there was no access to his grandmother the queen at that time is nonsense.”

He even went as far as to accuse the Duke of “trying to pull the wool over” people’s eyes.

“The general public doesn't know how it works and they will take your word as gospel, but there are others who know exactly how it works,” he also added before concluding.